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Our happy adoption! We adopted Bibi (Jasmine) Labor Day weekend 2009 after the last of our three Springer Spaniels died that summer. My husband and I quickly learned that we were out of practice with training a puppy. Unfortunately, we lost reading glasses by the case and a Bluetooth or three before Bibi trained us that anything that dropped on the floor was hers. During the first year that Bibi lived with us, she spent hours outside "guarding" the house, watching the neighbors and the road. Because Bibi liked to spend so much time outside alone, we decided she needed a companion. So, Penny, a dachshund-beagle rescue, joined our household in June 2010. What a pair! Where Bibi can be quiet and timid, Penny is curious, adventurous, and always in motion (which means that Bibi's quiet guarding-alone days are gone.) We love them both, finding ourselves laughing a lot at their racing, hiding, wrestling, and chasing each other around the house and yard. They're inseparable until they collapse for a much needed puppy nap. We really want to thank Worthy Tails for starting us on our new dog family.


To tell you a little about Crissa, she is an awesome dog, silly and so loving, just as you figured she would be. As you can see in one of the pictures she actually squeezed under the bunny cage and climbed up on the straw to lay with our bunny. She also loves to lay on tables you'll see. In another picture you will see a big cage in the yard, don't worry it is not for crissa it is our bunny's play yard. We love Crissa (and her four legged brother) very much and are very thankful you chose us to be her family.


We just adore Jake. A friend of mine took these pictures of Jake at agility class two weeks ago. Jake LOVES agility. He really likes all the contact equipment. The pictures aren't great but at least it gives you an idea of how cute he is. He does two agility classes a week. He is my husband's favorite dog of ours, even though we're not supposed to have favorites. His only issue is he's a little leary when strangers want to approach his head so I have started clicking and treating him everytime he lets a stranger in his space and he's doing much, much better. I took him to obedience every week right after we got him but it was the same place and the same people and this trait was never apparent. We don't have kids or people over and I took him other places once in a while but I guess not enough. Anyway, I am trying to work him through this and now he's overcoming it very quickly. Everyone says he looks like either a border collie or a flat coated retriever or a black golden retreiver. I'm not a picture taker myself. Don't own a camera or cell phone and don't facebook or twitter but I will get pictures taken at the shows and will send them to you. I did send you a Christmas sled picture right after we got him and a July 2009 professional picture that you acknowledged receiving. He's still the same size, 20" in height and 53 lbs. Thank you for fostering Jake. He's very much loved and adored and will be with us forever.


I am writing to tell you about my Lexie who was your rescue puppy Joy. She is now about 2 ½ years old and weighs 46 pounds. She is approximately 26” long and 17” tall to the withers. Her head is small for the rest of her body and her fur is medium length and silky not coarse. I would have to say that her facial features are a nice blend of both Keeshond and German Shepard, though her coloring and shape are definitely more to the German Shepard. Her personality is that of the gentle Keeshond. She is friendly to all who enter my home, though she barks appropriately with happiness when folks arrive. She is definitely submissive to male humans as well as male canines. She still has the puppy exuberance when we go outside, and tends to pull on the leash if I don’t use my “gentle leader” head halter collar. Last week I accidentally dropped the handle of the leash, and as soon as she realized she was free, she bolted into a neighbor’s back yard, and it took me a few minutes to get her to come to me. I have still yet to get her back to obedience classes for some intermediate work. Her health is excellent, but true to her German Shepard side, she is a bile vomiter. Occasionally, when her stomach is empty, she will vomit bile. My veterinarian is not concerned with this since it only happens once every two months or so. When it happens, she will jump off my bed and go into a small crate that I keep in my bedroom to vomit so as not to soil the place where we sleep! Yes, she does sleep with me in bed. She keeps me warm during these cold winter nights, and I love to snuggle with her. Now that Lexie is an adult, she is more protective of me and our house. If she hears a noise outside, she will quietly growl to let me know she hears something. If I say its okay, she stops. She still does not bark at other dogs if we see them on our walks, she whines and jumps wanting to go meet them and play. The only dogs she barks at are the ones that bark at her! Lexie never took a shine to riding in the car. I think the long ride from Mechanicsburg to Buffalo traumatized her. She has never forgotten it. When I want to get her into the car, she jumps in obediently, but reluctantly. She drools a lot and lies down with her head on the console until our short trip is over. I have taken her on short trips to visit relatives or to the park, and she is fine once we arrive, but when it is time to come home, she gets sad again because we have to go into the car. Traveling by car is very stressful for her. Lexie’s favorite toys are the ones that have lasted her the longest. They include the large blue “Orka” Jax toy, her black Kong for extreme chewers, her Jolly Ball, and an old ball with the squeaker pushed in that is left over from a former pet. She looks so funny with this ball in her mouth when she compresses it up and down with her jaws, air shoots out of the squeaker hole like breathing. I am still not able to give her soft fabric toys, as she rips them up in seconds. She loves them, but destroys them. We walk twice per day, first thing in the morning, and after dinner at night weather permitting. When the temperatures are single digit or lower, we just go out long enough for her to relieve herself. She also gets exercise inside as I throw toys for her to fetch down a long 100 foot hallway that runs the length of my home. She always wants to play after meals, and many times will bring me toys while I am on the telephone. She gently wakes me up in the morning by nuzzling my side, or armpit. She puts her head on my chest with her nose up against my chin and just stares at me. It is the cutest thing I ever saw. That really starts my day off on a positive note! I am still feeding Lexie Blue Buffalo Holistic Dog Food for large breeds. She has tolerated this food very well. I never feed her people food, though she has tasted it from time to time. Most recently, I prepared about 1 ½ pounds of beef tenderloin on the grill for an appetizer to serve guests who were arriving in about 30 minutes. I brought the meet into the house, cooled it in the refrigerator, and sliced it into small sections to be laid on top of slices of French bread covered in a horseradish cream sauce. I left the meat on the counter for less than a minute, and went out of the kitchen to get a platter out of my china cabinet. When I returned, I found Lexie lying in front of her crate with her head on her front paws looking up at me with a very guilty looking face, but licking her face from side to side. She had eaten all of the meat I had just spent the last 45 minutes preparing, and it was too late to prepare anymore! I have never been so angry with her! I yelled at her, and slammed my hand on top of the cupboard to make a loud noise. I sent her to her crate until all the guests had arrived, and they convinced me to let her out so they could play with her. I thought all that food would make her sick, but it didn’t. I learned a lesson that day. No dog I have ever owned has been large enough to climb on the cupboard and take stuff off. Lexie has facilitated me meeting my neighbors, and making new friends along our walking route. She has made me get more exercise, and I know it lowers my blood pressure to sit and pet her. Every night I watch television while in bed, and she curls up in between my legs. A better companion I have never had. She has helped me to deal with the profound loneliness I have felt since losing my immediate family one by one over the last few years. She is the best thing that has happened to me in so many ways. The day I saw her picture on your website was the first day of a happy ending to a very sad story that was my life after losing my family. I can honestly say that you made the right match when you matched me up with Joy. God bless the Worthy Tails Animal Rescue! Yours truly, Donna M. Karczewski


Jackson has grown up to be a beautiful dog with an amazing personality. He is so unique in so many ways, from his beautiful coat to his quirky character traits. He stole our hearts the second we saw him. My husband and I had just bought a house and we knew it wasn't complete without the sound of doggy feet and a jingling collar, so we decided to adopt a rescue dog. We were looking for a combination of breeds that we knew would do well with our baby who was on the way in a few months. We decided on Jackson because he was too cute to turn down and his personality was just what we were looking for. He has the enthusiasm and joy to please like the Australian Shepherd (I would put him up against any Aussie in a herding or frisbee competition!) but also is a great laid-back family dog like the Newfoundland. He knows when to play and when to relax. When our baby boy, Elijah, came along on September 26, 2010, Jackson accepted him immediately. Jackson knows it's his job to protect him and is extremely gentle with Elijah. He lets Elijah pull his hair and if he's had enough, Jackson will calmly get up and walk away. He enjoys licking Elijah's face every once in a while, and also snuggling with him. When Elijah is crying, Jackson looks at me like, "Aren't you going to do something, Mom?" He truly cares about him. Jackson knows that I am the one who takes care of him, my husband is the one who plays with him, and Elijah is the one he is to protect. His place in our family is perfect, and it wouldn't be the same without him. We loved Jackson so much that we decided to adopt another rescue dog in January, 2011. Trixie, a lab/boxer mix, and Jackson became buddies right away. Jackson lets her snuggle with him on his dog bed and he loves to play with her out in the yard. They romp around for hours and come inside lay next to each other. Jackson has relinquished his alpha role to Trixie (he has always been a submissive dog) but he doesn't seem to mind her around one bit. Our family is very complete with two beautiful rescue dogs. We are so thankful for Worthy Tails for taking care of Jackson so well so we could enjoy a healthy, well-adjusted puppy when we brought him home. Thank you!

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