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Maverick is doing well. He has now made week two of being out of his crate while we are at work. I still come home at lunch time to check in on him and to take him outside. He is so affectionate! Just loves to cuddle and he'll let you know when he's ready by nudging you with his nose. Give him about five minutes of your time and he's satisfied. He now weighs 48 lbs., so were curious as to how big he will really get. He now knows the word "walk". He perks his ears up even more and turns his head. He has a wonderful personality and loves everyone. At this point, he doesn't seem territorial. He continues to sleep with us....guess it's worth us waking up with a stiff back!!Maverick is very sweet, and I couldn't imagine him living with anyone else!


I changed Belle's name to "Journey" when I brought her home, so that is what she goes by now. She is doing very well! She loves to cuddle and is a very social lady with dogs and people alike! She has learned about 15 commands, including "sit", "down", "heel", and to go to her "place". She goes on 2 walks a day and goes to the local dog park 4-5 times per week.


He is such a funny dog... with a huge personality. He likes to have conversations with us, and he loves to snuggle. One of his favorite things to do is to chew on on his stuffed animals. He loves getting the squeeker out and he'll just lay on his back squeeking. We are very happy to have him and love him to pieces.


Bailey (Taylor's new name) is doing fabulous... She is quite th bossy girl as well... she runs this house. Our other dog Kody & her are best friends & are lost without eachother. We now have a 6 month old & Bail absolutly loves her!


Max is still just as sweet and adoreable as he was when you fostered him. He is housebroken.(yea!!!) He passed his first puppy training class and will probably do an intermediate class sometime in the near future. Max loves to hang out with us including lounging on the couch, going for big walks, playing fetch with his rope ball and playing with Sophie. (our Malti-Poo) He loves Sophie, even though she is so bossy with him. They are actually funny to watch. Sophie weighs about 11 pounds and Max weighs in at about 41 pounds, but Sophie rules the house. While we were on vacation, we boarded Max at a local kennel. He had so much fun. He loves to play with other dogs. He also kept stealing all the squeaky toys and so I bought him one today. Needless to say, he loves it. But, he is constantly squeaking it as I write this and I may need to put it up before I go crazy.

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