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Thank you so much for being interested in adopting a puppy, dog, cat or kitten from Worthy Tails Rescue.


Please click on the link below to access the online application.  You will need to register in order to complete it.  The registration is just an email and password so that you can access the information.  You are under absolutely NO obligation to adopt by registering; it is simply for the website’s records.  After the application is completed and submitted, your application will be reviewed.  Upon submission, please inform your veterinarian and references that we will be contacting them.   We will then be in touch with you after the review process is completed.  Please be patient with us as all of our volunteers are very busy with many things, including full time jobs, caring for their own families, pets and caring for our foster pets.  In addition, we need to be able to reach your references, which can take some time.  Therefore, please allow at least a week before expecting to hear something.


Part of the application review is matching up your needs and expectations with that of the puppy, dog, cat or kitten in which you are interested.  Our foster parents play a large role in this part as they know the animal the best and can give critical input as to whether your expectations match the characteristics and traits of the foster puppy, dog, cat or kitten.  Reviewing applications for the foster pet with young children, other animals, and/or special needs can possibly take a little longer.


If, by some chance, your first choice has found a forever home by the time you submit your application, we will review the application for your 2nd choice.  If no 2nd choice is provided, we would like to recommend that you look at our website to see if there are any other puppy, dog, cat or kitten that you could welcome into your home, or we can also suggest one or a few that have the characteristics expressed on your application.  We take special care to get to know all our puppy, dog, cat or kitten very well and can provide you with a suitable match.


*NOTE:  We do not, as a rule, 'hold' our foster pets in a foster home for an applicant for an extended length of time.  Therefore, if you want to adopt a puppy, dog, cat or kitten, please do not ask us to "hold" him/her in the foster home for a month or so until it's convenient for you to get him/her.  This is not good for several reasons:  1)  The foster pet gets used to thinking his/her foster home is his/her permanent home and it creates for another major adjustment for him/her.  These little ones have had to endure all types of circumstances and we don't want to create another major change for them.  2)  It makes it much tougher for the foster family as we all grow very close to our foster puppy, dog, cat or kitten and the longer we have them, the tougher it is to let them go.  3)  We are a rescue, and therefore, try to help as many animals as we can.  If we are holding a foster for someone, that is space in our homes that we can't use to rescue another little one that is danger of being euthanized.   

Holding a foster pet for a week is something that is quite often done but any longer than 2 weeks, unless extreme circumstances arise, is not something we like to do.


We wish you the best of luck in your journey to finding a new companion!


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