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Message From: Mark Winzek October 17, 2017
To all the staff at worthy trails all your help with rescuing the animals is greatly appreciated

Message From: Julie vandusen August 25, 2017
Absolutely in love with Daisy

Message From: Camerons September 25, 2013
We adopted Ruby two weeks ago. We could not be happier with our choice. She is a perfect fit for our family. We all love her dearly!

Message From: Sandy Fake February 2, 2013
This March 2013 will be 1yr. that I had adopted Miller the little red Dachshund. He has given me such joy to be around. Previous to having Miller I had another dachshund named Molly. Molly was 17 yrs. old when she passed in April of 2011. I really missed having my little pup around. Miller has filled that void. He is such a happy little boy. Thank you for letting me adopt him !!!!

Message From: John Myers October 3, 2012

Message From: Sandy September 24, 2011
I adopted Daphne from you a few weeks ago and she is wonderful. I love her so much and she fit right in at my home. He brother (Chester the cat) loves her too. I am so glad she came to me. Thank you for your good work and her foster family was wonderful. I would send you a picture, but I have to have my grandson show me how to do that!!!

Message From: Patty & George Wilson February 13, 2011
We adopted Tanner on in April, 2010. He is a character but has brought a lot of happiness back into our house after losing our boxer Maddie a year before. Tanner is part boxer and some of the things he does reminds us of her. Jessie Wilson was Tanner's foster Mommy. She worked so well with us to deliver Tanner to us as we live a couple hours away. Thanks you Worthy Tails. Keep up the good work!

Message From: Melissa Waltersdorff January 13, 2011
I just wanted to send an update on Scooby. We adopted him in November 2009. He has been a wonderful addition to our family. He is still quite energetic and has created his own little race track in our back yard and loves taking my husband for a run(who now has to ride his bike just to keep up!). He provides us with plenty of laughs, and he has helped heal our hearts after the loss of our beloved Elvis. Thanks so much! Keep up the good work.

Message From: Christine January 5, 2011
Keep up the good work Worthy Tails....I make sure I tell everyone who asks were I adopted my little buddy from. My family adopted "Jack" (now Bear) who was rescued from a WV shelter. His foster mom was WONDERFUL to us and he learned so much from her which helped alot he was also a very healthy pup when we got him. He is absolutely the most adorable little guy and has the attitude to match. It sounds like WW wrestling in my house with him and our other dog Kalie. The cat even lets him chase her.....thank you worthy tails for all your hard and wonderful work...we are the lucky ones to have been blessed with our Bear

Message From: Ruth February 19, 2010
Outstanding job, Worthy Tails! We adopted Tiffie, a Yorkie, in December 2009. We had recently lost a furry member of our family and wanted to find a companion for our other furbaby, as he was quite depressed. We saw Tiffie and it was "love at first sight". Tiffie is such a character and has brought our family so much joy - I'd like to think we brought her just as much joy. I wish every person that is looking to add a furry member to their family would reach out to the many REPUTABLE rescue groups and shelters to adopt - there are so many unwanted animals out there just waiting to be loved and love in return.