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Champ is doing great. He has gotten bigger and he loves to be out running around or chasing a ball. He really is a great dog. I have done obedience training with him and he is very well behaved other than liking to sit on top of me and lick my face.


Colby's name is now Skippy. He is about 55 pounds - and we kind of hope he's at least close to done growing! He's really cute and becoming a very good dog. Still learning - but getting there. He does like to chew - so we are about going broke buying things for him to chew on so he doesn't eat the house. Pet Smart chew section is a regular stop for us! His favorite thing to do is steal things out of the recycle bin - he thinks it's his personal toy box! Luckily the only thing of value he chewed was a chair leg that our previous dog had gotten to first! He loves our cats - but they don't love him quite as much, so usually he is chasing them, and they just go where he can't fit. And he also loves to play with the kids outside - but sometimes we have to bring him in, as another favorite thing to do is grab a hold of the boys shorts and pull them down - he thinks he's part of the soccer team! What's really cute is he loves to hug you. Reallly hug, like a person. We sit down on a step, he puts his paws up on our shoulders, then we bring him up so he's sitting on our laps and he burries his head in your shoulder - very cute. I attached some pictures for you. Hope you enjoy them. He's not allowed on the couch where he is in the last picture, but we couldn't resist taking a picture of him there before we shooed him off!


Sophee is the best dog I've ever had and love her dearly.She's quite calm for her breed, and is very lovely. The neighbors always comment on how pretty a dog she is. She listens very well unless the neighbor's dogs are out. They have a Husky, a German Shephard and a humongous White Akita-who is Sophee's favorite. They're the same age but the Akitas were bread as Bear Killers and I can understand why. Sophee runs up to her and by the time she gets there, she's running almost upside down. When she arrives, she is totally upside down, feet up in the air, begging to be played with. We have to be careful because, the Akita doesn't realize her strength. We spend all day in the gardens, and she usually is by my side. I just wish I could keep her from digging. And dig, she does! She gets so hot, since her fur is long and black, and digs up my plants to make an area to keep cool. I guess I'll have to break down and have her clipped, soon. She just won't be as pretty but I bet she'll feel better. Sophee is jealous of my new grand daughter, Madelynn. She's really good but can't understand why we talk to her in the same tone of voice that we talk to the baby with!My 90 year old mother moved in last July, and Sophee just loves her to pieces. She lays outside her bedroom door and waits for her to get up in the morning. You can hear her tail thumping on the hallway walls, whenever Momma starts moving around. She's very protective of her. Neat....


Cooper is doing well! He has such personality - he loves people and is quite the social puppy! Unfortunately, the cats don't particularly like "playing" with him, but they tolerate as much as they can. Princess (the white cat in a couple pictures) probably puts up with the most. As long as Cooper is relatively calm, she will share some space with him.


Koji (nee Carrie) has been a delight since the day we brought her home. She has fit in nicely with our other dogs. She is a good friend and playmate with Zack, our Papillion, and every day is punctuated by the morning Frisbee and the afternoon Frisbee (in between they nap together and have become best buds). Koji loved to run through the snow and was always happy when it came down heavy. She would blaze trails across the back yard for the other dogs. Sometimes all we would see was a black and brown blur as she bounded across the snow. She is very affectionate and has made many friends around town during her daily walk. She moves in 3 dimensions and is always sitting up on something. The Worthy Tails folks were a delight to work with as far as getting Koji, and making sure she would have a good home. We appreciate their thoroughness on the front side, and their continued interest in Koji now that she has been with us for more than a year.

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